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Varieties of types of keyboards. What to choose?

Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine working and playing at a computer without a keyboard. The on-screen input device, unfortunately, is not able to fully replace it. In order to choose the desired device, you need to navigate the pros and cons of various types of keyboards. In this article I will try to cover this topic in more detail in order to facilitate the selection process.


This type of keyboards is the most numerous and budgetary on the keyboard market. The principle of operation of membrane keyboards is quite simple - rubber membranes are installed under the keys, which, when the buttons are pressed, push through and in turn close the contacts on the board corresponding to certain symbols on the keyboard.


low price
relatively quiet
the keys respond well to pressing

Rubber membranes lose their elasticity over time, which leads to a decrease in key sensitivity
Dust builds up between keys
In the presence of backlight, only the substrate is highlighted, and not the keys themselves

The problems of membrane keyboards are partially solved in scissor-type keyboards. The keys are based on a plastic mechanism resembling scissors. When the button is pressed, the mechanism contracts and contact is made with a rubber gasket, which closes the contact. Thanks to the scissor mechanism, the contact area, in contrast to membrane keyboards, comes out uniform. The compact design of the scissor mechanism has greatly reduced the thickness of the keys and their travel, which is undoubtedly a plus.


low noise

good sensitivity to keystrokes

affordable price

long service life


Sensitive to moisture ingress
Complex key design can cause problems when repairing breakages

The mechanical type of keyboards is one of the most popular among computer game lovers. They are distinguished by the fact that under each key there is its own mechanical button-switch that registers pressing. The design consists of a base, a spring and a bracket that fixes the movement of the button. Already in the middle of the key stroke, the pressing is recorded, which makes the mechanical type of keyboards ideal for fast typing.


high durability, maintains performance up to 60 million clicks
fast response speed
excellent transmission of tactile sensations
usually sold backlit

scares away at a high cost
the design of the keyboard is dimensional, due to the peculiarity of the key mechanism
No moisture protection
Printing noise

Projection laser keyboards are fundamentally different from other types of input devices in their conceptual principle of operation. It consists in the fact that a grid with an image of characters for typing is projected onto a flat surface using an infrared laser. When you touch the virtual keys, the laser reads the location of the contact and compares it with the corresponding symbols. But despite their innovativeness, projection keyboards are not popular with users due to their impracticality and a large number of accidental clicks. Simply put, it is more of an unusual gadget than a work tool.


high mobility, the ability to take on a trip

a lot of false clicks, due to the lack of tactile feedback
there is no possibility of typing characters with two hands
the quality of the laser reading is largely dependent on a uniform surface
What type of keyboards should you choose?

Each PC user has their own individual preferences, but despite this, there are generally applicable rules that can make it easier for you to choose. So, if you are an active PC gamer or work with a lot of text, then you should definitely pay attention to mechanical keyboards. Scissor input devices are chosen by people who put comfort and compactness first. When budget and durability are important, membrane keyboards are suitable for the ass. As for the projection version, it is more intended for lovers of unusual gadgets than for permanent work. Hope this article helps you make it easier for you to choose your ideal keyboard.
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