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Sports nutrition for weight loss

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Sports nutrition for weight loss

What sports nutrition for weight loss?

Sports nutrition for weight loss in many people is associated with "fat burners," but this is far from it. Developing a system of taking certain additives, directly or indirectly affecting the process of burning fat, observing the diet and following a special training program, you will come to good and stable results.

Let us look in detail at the chemical processes of our body at which the weight loss process takes place.

The Process

Negative energy balance. 

The main rule is to consume less than you spend. That is, you must create a negative energy balance in which the amount of incoming calories is less than the amount spent. It is worth noting that expendable calories refer to the base metabolism, the energy we spend in everyday life, and the energy spent in training. Only when the balance of calories is negative, the body will begin to move to fat reserves! And it doesn't matter what you get your calories from. Studies show that even by consuming foods that are considered "unhealthy", or in any case not too healthy, but at the same time eating them in a suitable calorie window for you, you will lose weight. However, this approach (without taking into account the FFA) can undermine your health and in the long run is not a working option.

Calorie distribution. 

Protein, fat, and carbohydrates should be sufficient. Many diets are based on eliminating or minimizing some nutrient, fat-free, carbohydrate-free, or even protein-free diets (usually built on eating only fruits and vegetables). Such diets are detrimental to your health! Our body needs full amounts of amino acids (building material for organs and tissues), fats (our hormonal system will not work without them) and carbohydrates, which give us energy for a full life and workouts.


To make the weight loss process faster and more effective, you need to increase your energy expenditure, keep your metabolism at a high level and develop muscle mass. Then you will not only lose weight, but also achieve to acquire a beautiful outline and relief. All this will bring you weight loss training. As a rule, it combines cardio training (of medium and high intensity) and power training of medium intensity.
Sports nutrition for weight loss and special supplements. One and the same sports nutrition products can be used to gain and lose weight, it is all about how and when to use it and how to combine it with diet and exercise. There are also special products developed by sports nutrition manufacturers specifically for weight loss. We will tell you about the most popular and effective products and supplements.

Nutrition products for weight loss

What sports nutrition products for weight loss can be used?
In the first place of course are fat burners. Depending on their type, they increase the basic metabolism, increase energy and workout performance, and reduce appetite. But remember that fat burners are effective only in combination with diet and training, by themselves they will not have any noticeable effect. Also keep in mind that some fat burners have a number of side effects and should not be used with cardiovascular problems, blood pressure and unstable mental state.


 Essentially L-carnitine can also be classified as a fat burner, but it works not by stimulating the CNS, but by "helping" to utilize the fatty acids entering the bloodstream during exercise. This is an excellent product that should definitely be consumed by anyone wishing to lose weight, but only before training. L-carnitine alone will not bring the desired results. The important advantage of this product is its absolute safety and the absence of side effects. The leaders in the production of L-carnitine: Power System, Ultimate Nutrition, Dymatize.


 Essential amino acids with branched chains are necessary not only for those who want to gain weight, but also for those who want to lose weight. Above all, they help maintain muscle mass by "forcing" the body to expend more fat and less muscle. Bcaa also reduces appetite slightly, and serves as an excellent tool for recovery after workouts. Leading companies in bcaa production: SAN, SciVation, Gaspari Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, Weider.


For those who want to lose weight, the first thing to look for is "slow" protein, which will serve as an excellent source of high-quality protein. Slow proteins gradually enter the bloodstream to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue. Take slow proteins as a protein snack, two hours before and no more than one hour after training. It is also suitable for use outside of training to cover the protein requirement (calculated on an individual basis). The leaders in slow-acting multi-nutrient proteins are Syntrax, MHP, BSN, and Optimum Nutrition.

Vitamin-mineral complexes.

 Since the process of weight loss is in one way or another associated with a dietary restriction, and therefore inadequate intake of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements with food, vitamin complexes are of particular importance. Taking special complexes for athletes, you will replenish the necessary elements, taking into account your regime. These complexes are specially optimized for the processes of fat burning and weight gain. The leading companies in the production of vitamin and mineral complexes: Optimum Nutrition, Universal Nutrition, Millennium Sport Tec, MHP.


The fastest way to lose weight is to use special hormone steroids. Steroids can only be used by professionals in consultation with a doctor.
In addition to these basic products in the process of losing weight you will also help omega-3 fatty acids, drugs regulating cortisol levels, as well as fat and carbohydrate blockers, which reduce the absorption of nutrients.

If you follow our recommendations for diet, training and sports nutrition, you will achieve the desired results!

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