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James Lipton

James Lipton, Author

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Will the businesses in the UK be impacted due to the ongoing war in 2022?

          Will the businesses in the UK be impacted due to the ongoing war in 2022?

Now that Ukraine and Russia are into war, again the world is in the same situation having the same scenario as during the past time wars. Among many countries, the UK is also one of the countries facing the consequences. When war hits any part of the world, countries face the ongoing consequences and even the residual effects afterward thereby impeding the economy over the long term. Now with the ongoing war, the business in the UK is also impacted. Here we go with the details for you to have a clear and detailed picture of the ongoing and future impact on the business of the UK due to the violence spreading in the air.


As there are some established direct trade links between Russia and UK, they are most likely to be affected with continuous disruption. This will get reflected in the energy and other commodity markets, and financial markets. The main export commodities from the UK to Russia are vehicles and their parts, machinery, and appliances. Whereas Russia exports oil and petroleum products, precious metals, which are sure to get affected due to the ongoing war.

 The export and import charges are in zoom and will continue to be the same due to this geopolitical tension. The retailers of precious metal and gemstones are already into the action of either stocking up the available stock, due to the unpredictable future situation. But the jewellery hub of the UK still promises to assure the same quality products at an affordable price. So, it's a great relief for their customers to feel relaxed while buying their Lab grown diamonds UK which provides options by customizing, according to their requirements.

Though the UK does not rely much on these war-hit countries for its food products, the fertilizers imported from Russia and the transportation cost can shoot the price indirectly.

FINANCIAL DISRUPTION-Geopolitical risk can be a ruining factor for future economic relations between the countries due to long-term war conditions. Consumer and the producer can both be in the wait and watch mode by following cost-cutting on their present and future investment along with consumption too. The pandemic situation all over the globe had dragged the economy to its worst end, but after continuous struggle and fight with the deadly virus and challenges, countries were able to bounce back to a certain extent, but the present war and violence have recreated the same situation dragging the countries back to the unwanted situation. The Investors are on hold to withdraw their investments from the industries facing a loss to the forthcoming industries predicting growth.

  • Inflation In the exported products –UK is a great exporter of precious gemstone and metals. Due to the present war prevailing situation. The export cost of these precious gemstones and metals is in the swing. As the export cost is increasing so will be the import cost of such products by other counties from the UK. This can lead to a tremendous change all over the global market. The sale of world-famous sapphire engagement rings in London, diamond ornaments, and other valuable jewels are going to be affected due to the fluctuating price. This, in turn, will affect the customer's demand and the supply in the global market.

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