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Time Doctor

Like TimeCamp and Hubstaff, Time Doctor offers a full set of time tracking and productivity monitoring tools. It also includes automated time tracking, screenshotting , and integrations with third-party platforms to make the process of invoicing and payroll easy.

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 Time Doctor has a unique feature that lets employees self-correct unproductive behavior without the need for intervention. The pop-up alerts are known as time use pop-up alerts.

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 4. RescueTime

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 RescueTime is a substitute for TimeCamp that allows companies to monitor employees but more so for individuals to maximize their productivity.

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 For solopreneurs or freelancers, it provides the information necessary to increase your productivity and see where you're wasting time while you work. It equips your employees with the data they need to pinpoint tasks that aren't productive and hinder their ability to focus on more important work.

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 5. Qbserve

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 Made for only individuals, Qbserve is a software that monitors all the activities you perform at work to let solopreneurs and freelancers see the exact location they're using their time. Are you curious about how much time really spend on projects for clients? Find out how much you make per hour. Qbserve makes it simple to determine.

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 Qbserve is a background application that runs as you complete your tasks. It records every site and application you go to, from the first to the second. You can go through each one and determine if it was helpful, neutral, or distracting towards the end of every day. This may seem a little complicated based on the number of websites or applications you use.

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