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This 15-Minute Morning Yoga Routine Makes You Feel More Awake Than Coffee

Are you wondering if yoga instructors have more energy than Jonathan Van Ness, even in the 7 a.m. class. Yes, exactly. It's possible to think the coffee is the culprit, but it could actually be morning yoga.

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 Yoga. Exercise. Moving. The first thing. The first thing in the morning. Do you think it's worth it? It's fair to say that we were skeptical when certified yoga teacher Brett Larkin told us this is what gives her a.m. energy boost. She says that the 15 minute routine she follows to get up each morning is what centers your body, calms your mind, and gives you more energy than coffee.

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 We were interested in the results of our research into Larkin's claims. It appears that she could be right.

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 Yoga in the morning can be beneficial for your health

 1. Helps relieve stress and bring more peaceful feelings throughout the day.

 Yoga can aid you in getting up and going in the morning and it may also be beneficial for your physical and mental fitness. First of all, research has proven it helps reduce stress, which means if you wake up wigged out about the day ahead, that's all the more reason to get on your mat, and then relax those shoulders.

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 A 2017 meta analysis showed that yoga has the ability to reduce physical symptoms associated with anxiety, like increased heart rate, heightened cortisol levels and high blood pressure. Also, prolonged stress and anxiety can be detrimental to longevity and therefore it's worth a try.

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 Other studies have confirmed that when you're under stress yoga is an effective way to shut off the fight or flight response, and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system instead, commonly referred to as the rest-and-digest response.

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 2. Combats depression

 A little downward dog might be helpful if you are feeling a little down upon waking. Researchers looked at 619 patients who had suffered from depression during 2013. Researchers have found evidence for yoga's ability to provide a temporary stimulation.

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 3. Reduces inflammation

 Do you need convincing to attempt some Sun Salutations for yourself? The research has demonstrated that yoga can reduce inflammation within the body. Over the course of five years, researchers found that people who practiced yoga were less prone to inflammatory markers as compared to non-yogis.

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 4. Improves your general fitness

 It is also possible to do an exercise routine in a short time, especially if your day includes sitting down. Over the course of 12 weeks yoga has been proven to increase endurance, flexibility endurance, stamina, as well as endurance.

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 We could be able to go on and on about the benefits of yoga for your health but let's get back to the main reason you're here: the workout!

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 A morning yoga routine for a.m. bliss

 Even on the mornings you find it difficult to get out of bed (like Mondays), you can still take a walk on your mat or your living room rug for this easy routine that everyone is able to master. There's no experience or toe-touching ability required. (Thank goodness.)

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 They're not just good for you, but these poses perk you up however, they'll also lengthen your hips, wake up your shoulders and increase the length of your spine. What happens is that you be left feeling calm with a clear mind and ready to own your day.

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