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There's A LOT of Yoga available But How Do You Pick?

Research has proven the benefits of yoga Yoga is a great way to improve sleep quality, reduce stress, and promote healthy eating habits and balance.

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 Much like selecting a pair of yoga pants, the choices aren't easy to navigate.

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 This is the place to be if you have ever stared blankly at a schedule of yoga and wondered what the eff between Vinyasa or Kundalini was (Spoiler that there is a lot).

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 What is yoga exactly is it, and why should you care?

 Yoga can be done in many different ways However, what are the essential elements that define yoga?

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 "Regardless of whether it's prenatal yoga or a power flow class; all of them focus on creating an interaction between your mind, your body and your breath" Sarah Burns, a ERYT 200 yoga instructor from Memphis she says. "There's also a big emphasis on being present on your mat , and making space for everything you feel within your emotional and physical space."

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 For a holistic view of yoga as a whole, consider that "it's mostly about breathing as it relates to physical poses (or asanas)," says Kate DeSisto, a CYT-250 yoga instructor with additional qualifications in aerial and SUP yoga. "Everything is dependent on breathing. It's going to be based on your breathing. the breath."

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 Hatha yoga

 The ancient yoga philosophy claims that there are six kinds of yoga. "Hatha" refers to yoga of sensation or of movement. Technically speaking, Hatha is any yoga that requires moving the body. The other branches are not physical. "But in Western civilization, if someone speaks of Hatha is a reference to the slow flow or gentle flow yoga" Burns says. Burns.

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 A Hatha class begins with a gentle introduction of the basic yoga poses. You then move through a sequence of poses and hold each one for a few seconds. Hatha is similar in many ways to Vinyasa but it's more meditative.

 "So If you truly need to get a chance to practice a posture, Hatha is the way to go," says DeSisto. Vinyasa if you're more interested in exercising and moving your body, is the right choice for you.

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 Vinyasa yoga

 Think of Vinyasa (or Vinyasa flow) as one-breath-per-movement yoga. Classes are planned to smoothly move from one posture to one in harmony with your breathing. Instructors vary their routines every class to keep it fresh and frequently play music.

 Power yoga

 Burns says that vinyasa and power yoga may be confused depending on the instructor. It's focused on fluid movements and dynamic poses. Power is a marketing term which is more appealing to people who exercise than power.

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 Ashtanga yoga

 Many consider Ashtanga as the OG of yoga since it's among the most long-practiced styles and is based upon the ancient wisdom of. Ashtanga is a physically demanding practice that synchronizes movement with breath. Burns claims that there is some flow between poses. it is then that you hold certain poses for 5 breaths. It's a mix of flow and isometric holds.

 Iyengar yoga

 The style of yoga was created by the prominent yoga instructor BKS Iyengar. This style is based on alignment and body position in each pose instead of a flow of sequences or quick movements.

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 A majority of classes in Iyengar are "all about props," says DeSisto. To enter certain positions in a safe manner, use straps, bolsters , or rope walls. For the best alignment, keep your postures in place for a long time. It's an arduous, methodical yoga practice.

 Hot and Bikram Yoga

 People mistakenly believe that hot yoga and Bikram can be one and the same thing. DeSisto explains "Hot yoga is either a Vinyasa, or a hot-intensive power class." Imagine a flow of poses while breathing.

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 The temperature in the room can vary from 95 to 105 degrees in accordance with where it's situated. Expect to move and sweat a lot. You'll be left feeling more supple and more relaxed.

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