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The Complete Guide to Yoga Linguistics

A guide to the practices of yoga

 One look at a yoga studio's schedule might lead you saying"Ommm... which is the right course for me? From Anusara to Vinyas you can find a myriad of methods to practicing yoga and it's not easy to decipher which might be the right fit for you if you're an absolute newbie (and not completely familiar with the terminology).

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 Fret not, though -- that's why we're here! We've decoded some of the most popular techniques and highlighted the best options for novices. Be sure to check with your instructor or studio before you start a new class. Teaching methods can vary from one studio to the next.

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 Anti-Gravity and aerial. It is a mixture of yoga and aerial art. A fabric trapeze carries most or all of the weight of the body. Practitioners can focus on their posture and relaxation. For those who are new to the sport.

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 Anusara. Anusara is a positive attitude and focuses on mood improvement and injury prevention. It is an excellent option for those who are just beginning. It's simple to use for beginners.

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 Ashtanga. Ashtanga is a more conventional method that focuses on the progression of poses that are connected to the breath, is a more athletic one. The Primary Series, made up of approximately 75 poses takes about 90 minutes to complete and encourages spinal alignment as well as detoxification of the body and enhancing strength and flexibility. The flow of this class is continuous. There is no stopping.

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 Bikram. A series of 26 basic posturesthat are repeated two times performed in a 105degF (40.5degC) studio. Bikram Choudhury came up with this method. It is used in numerous other "hot" as well as similar "warm" yoga classes. Get ready to sweat (and maybe skip if you had a drink the previous night, because prior hydration is an essential factor).

 Hatha. The most modern forms of yoga belong to this branch of yoga. Classes known as "Hatha" are generally basic with a traditional method of pairing breathing exercises with postures. Beginner-friendly.

 Integral. Like the name implies, this method is designed to make yoga an integral part of practitioners' everyday lives. Classes incorporate asanas and breathing techniques, mantras, and meditation. For those who are beginners.

 Integrative. It is also called Integrative Yoga Therapy, this method was specifically designed for medical applications and can be used in conjunction with other treatments for patients with everything from heart diseases to AIDS to psychiatric issues.

 ISHTA. It is an acronym that stands for Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda which aims to connect students to their own energy. Classes will feature Ashtanga-inspired exercises, Iyengar's precision on the rock, and breathing and meditation.

 Iyengar (i-ying-ger). Iyengar yoga is more effective than other types of yoga in sustaining poses for longer. This encourages students to feel each muscle's contribution to the posture. Iyengar often incorporates props like belts, blocks, blankets as well as chairs. It is an excellent exercise for those with injuries or other physical limitations. Beginner-friendly.

 Jivamukti (jee-vah-mook-tee). This method is centered on authentic spiritual experiences. Each class concentrates on one particular theme, and may include singing and reading from scripture.

 Kripalu (kree-pah-loo). This method focuses on touching and feeling your body. It has three stages: meditation, basic mechanics and long-held poses. For beginners.

 Kundalini. It is a fluid, energetic way to keep practitioners practicing poses. The sequences consist of fast, repetitive moves that are designed to stimulate the mind, body, and spiritual strength. This method helps tap into the "Kundalini" or "serpent," energy.

 Power yoga. This technique is a bit athletic and was designed to appeal to Westerners back in the 1980s. Since it doesn't adhere to an orderly sequence of asanas the practice is usually performed in an area that is moderately heated. Classes may vary based on the instructor.

 Prenatal. Prenatal yoga is a form of yoga that's suitable for both parents and new parents. Prenatal yoga is believed to accelerate and reduce delivery by focusing on yogic breath (think of it like an edgy version of Lamaze) and to strengthen your muscles. It is suitable for beginners.

 Relaxation. Restorative yoga is a great alternative for those recovering from injuries or want some peace and relaxation. Expect to do easy (often modified) regular asanas that are that are held for a longer period of time to let your mind relax and unwind. For beginners.

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 Sivananda (shi-vah-non-dah). A slow-paced, spiritual method that incorporates sun salutations in addition to the same 12 postures in each class. This school of yoga focuses on relaxation, breathing, diet, exercise, and positive thoughts as a way to living a healthy and healthy life style.

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