Guide to the The Multiagency Service Network for Severely Emotionally Disturbed Students (SEDNET) collection, 1982-1996

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Title : The Multiagency Service Network for Severely Emotionally Disturbed Students (SEDNET) collection
Dates : 1982-1996
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Biographical Note

The Multiagency Service Network for Severely Emotionally Disturbed Students, also known as SEDNET, was created under Florida Statute Section 230.2317 to "enable students with severe emotional disturbance to develop appropriate behaviors and demonstrate academic and vocational skills" through intensive, integrated services. Funded by the Florida Department of Education, the network is divided into numerous districts throughout the state of Florida that provide education, mental health, and related services to severely emotionally disturbed (SED) students, their families, and educators. At the local level, SEDNET's systemic approach to the care and education of children involves projects identifying the availability of planned and coordinated services in education, mental health, and social and family services. Local projects also enhance cross-agency collaboration and development, promote countywide training and forums, build relationships with media providers and consumers, improve information and referral services, and increase parental involvement and advocacy. State, regional and local SEDNET activities put Florida on the map as a national leader in multiagency collaboration. Today, Florida's SEDNET is comprised of 19 regions, with project managers throughout the state. A chart of the districts found within this collection has been appended to this finding aid.

Scope Note

The SEDNET collection consists of administrative documents (meeting agendas, research materials, etc.), interagency correspondence, grant applications, and bound reports concerning statewide SEDNET initiatives and activities. The collection also contains an assortment of related documents, at the district, state and local levels, including FDLRS (Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resources System) newsletters.

Arrangement Note: Arranged by district; subdivided into series based on material type.


Arranged by district; subdivided into series based on material type.

Subject Headings

Corporate Names: Florida. Service Network for the Severely Emotionally Disturbed
Subject Terms: Behavior disorders in children
Emotional problems of children


BOX 1 : District 1 - District 2A
Scope/Content: id434

   BOX 1    BOX 1 

   BOX 1    BOX 1 Series 1 : District 1 (Escambia, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton)
Scope/Content: (1) Research and History: Contains survey respondents from District 1 on SEDNET's impact, project and regional reports, "Mending Hurt Minds" district report, a contract between the school district of Escambia county and Lakeview Center for 1985-86, definition of specialized mental health services for Santa Rosa county, and status reports. (2) Meeting agendas: Meeting correspondence for the SEDNET Administrative/Advisory Committee and the Family Service Planning Team subcommittees for each District 1 county. (3) Correspondence: Dates range from October 21, 1982 to March 21, 1995 and include SEDNET letters between Chris Wells, Terri Eggers, and Lonnie Stanford on grant management and status reports. (4) Funding: Includes a grant continuation request, Department of Education grants for Santa Rosa County, a letter from Baptist Hospital pledging financial support, and a list of financial support sources.
   BOX 1    BOX 1 Series 2 : District 2A (Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Washington)
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 2] (1) Research and History-- part 1 of 1: Folder contains District 2A SEDNET Overview, report "Information and Referral Guide" for Bay County from 1988, handwritten notes, Florida Association of School Psychologists forms, District 2A Management Plan and paper on Research and Training Center, SWAT Team Annual Data for 1990, District 2A Annual Report, SEDNET/CASSP Project Implementation Guide for 1992-93, and QDT data analysis and reviews. (2) Research and History -- part 2 of 2: The Bay County Service Matrix, a draft copy of "Handbook for Advisors," the district case staffing procedures, and a draft copy of the district interagency training model.
BOX 2 : District 2A - District 2B
Scope/Content: id435

   BOX 2    BOX 2 

   BOX 2    BOX 2 Series 3 : District 2A (Bay, Calhoun, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Washington)
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 1] (3) Correspondence: Letters and memos between Ricky Biggins, Lee Clark, Terri Eggers, and DeVon Hardy regarding the grant process and the Summer Institute Workshop. Dates range between October 6, 1986 and July 13, 1995. (4) Meeting agendas: Meeting correspondence from 1990-95 regarding the District 2A SEDNET Advisory Board and committee workgroups, exchanged between Ricky Biggins, Celeste Tanzy, and Terri Eggers. (5) Reports: Includes reports "A Profile of Bay County Residents," "District 2A QDT Review 1984-1991," and FDLRS "Mainstreaming Workshop and Actions Plans" for 1991-92. (6) Funding: Requests include District 2A fiscal application forms, continuation applications for Bay County, and various Bay County memos regarding grants.
   BOX 2    BOX 2 Series 4 : District 2B (Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, Wakulla)
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 3, continued in Box 3 and Box 4] (1) Research and History -- part 1 of 2: Provides an umbrella council overview of Leon County, paper "Crisis as Opportunity: The Discharge Planning Case Conference Procedure," reports on district case management from 1987 and 1988, annual reports for District 2B, QDT reports on the district for December 1990 and March 1991, a project continuation proposal, a report on the "System of Care Project for Leon County," "Service Development Plan for 1990-91," packet of QDT information sent to Kathy Lazear on October 8, 1990, survey data and review, and a blank FSPT application.
BOX 3 : District 2B
Scope/Content: id436

   BOX 3    BOX 3 

   BOX 3    BOX 3 Series 5 : District 2B (Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, Wakulla)
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 3, continued in Box 4] (2) Research and History -- part 2 of 2: Includes Leon County's summary of accomplishments, Leon County fact sheet, District 2B grant overview and project proposal, a status report and contact list, case studies for District 2B, and a SEDNET preliminary report for November 1990. (3) Reports -- part 1 of 2: Presentation "Organizing the Network at its Grass Roots" by the Regional Planning Team on May 22, 1987; papers "Behavioral Level System for Secondary Emotionally Handicapped Programs," "Crisis as Opportunity: The Discharge Planning Case Conference Procedure" from June 1987, "Building and Managing the Multi-Agency Case Plan" from August 1987, "Bringing Them Home: Year 2" from June 1988, "A Handbook for Targeted Case Management: Policy, Process, Principles and Procedures" from August 1988, and "Building and Balancing the System of Care through Early Intervention Case Management" from June 1989; final report of the Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment Work Group in March 1989, FSPT training report, "Special Requirements for Day Treatment Services," paper "Another Crisis as Opportunity," and the Leon County annual report for 1991-92. (4) Reports -- part 2 of 2: Contains the paper "Pragmatic Approaches to Assessing the System of Care: Statewide Data from the Annual Report of Florida's SED Network" by Clark and Fairbanks, and the 1991 and 1992 "Application for Federal Assistance" by the Leon County school district, submitted to the Department of Education. (5) Correspondence: District 2B letters were exchanged from October 1, 1986 to April 5, 1995 between Terri Eggers, Lee Clark, Christy Chancey, and David Fairbanks. (6) Meeting agendas: Contains minutes for the Interagency Advisory Council, Children's Mental Health Planning Meeting, Consensus Building Meeting, Transitional Services Development, and Medicaid meetings; as well as "Client Descriptive Data" for District 2B 1991-92.
BOX 4 : District 2B - District 3A
Scope/Content: id437

   BOX 4    BOX 4 

   BOX 4    BOX 4 Series 6 : District 2B (Franklin, Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor, Wakulla)
Scope/Content: [Part 3 of 3, continued from Box 2 and Box 3] (7) Funding: Documents range from 1987-92 and include a QDT proposed budget for FY 1989-90, funding renewal submissions, project amendments, a fiscal analysis of Family Services Planning Teams and Medicaid, and projected revenue for the district.
   BOX 4    BOX 4 Series 7 : District 3A (Alachua, Bradford, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Lafayette, Levy, Putnam, Suwannee, Union)
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 5] (1) Research and History -- part 1 of 2: Folder contains a copy of a news article, paper "The Educational Programs of The Alternative School for Emotionally Handicapped and Severely Emotionally Disturbed Students," contact list by District 3 counties, district flow chart, survey results for District 3A, executive summary for 1988-89, annual report for 3A 1989-90, a report on the judicial circuit from June 1990, and a Guardian Ad Litem for 1992. (2) Research and History -- part 2 of 2: This second part of District 3A's history includes job descriptions, a project update on Levy County with case studies mentioned, a listing of district placement facilities, "Gateway Gab" newsletter, performance reviews and goals, accomplishments for the 1991-92 year, demographics, an FSPT contact list, blank county contracts, placement data, and a quarterly report for 1994-95. (3) Meeting agendas: Meeting correspondence for the District 3A Advisory Council, Crest Steering Committee, and a case management conference. Dates range from February 2, 1990 to March 3, 1995. (4) Correspondence: Dates range from May 27, 1989 through January 10, 1995 for correspondence between Bruce Dangremond, Lee Clark, and Terri Eggers on District 3A, as well as a handwritten note. (5) Funding: Funding documents include district fiscal renewal submissions, memos on Levy County funds, applications for projects with Columbia and Leon County schools, and a fund overview for 1994-95.
BOX 5 : District 3A - District 4
Scope/Content: id438

   BOX 5    BOX 5 

   BOX 5    BOX 5 Series 8 : District 3A (Alachua, Bradford, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Lafayette, Levy, Putnam, Suwannee, Union)
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 4] (6) Reports: Papers include an "Individual Therapeutic Education Plan" for Levy County in 1984, an outgoing director's report, a proposal for a day treatment program, draft copy of "Sharing the Cost of Residential Placement," a survey of SED programs in Florida, and a report on the children referred to the pre-service assessment team from January 1987 through June 1989.
   BOX 5    BOX 5 Series 9 : District 4 (Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, St. Johns)
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 6] (1) Research and History: Contains a report on the impact of regional projects, a survey summary for the district from January 14, 1985, camps and projects within District 4, unmet service needs, district action plan, QDT overview, FSPT Report and data report, and a status report for 1994. (2) Correspondence: Dates range from 1983-94 and include correspondence between county schools and letters from exceptional student educator Gail Eiless and Miriam Crowe. (3) Funding: Funding documents for Clay County annual reports and Clay County schools, as well as district renewal submissions and Department of Education projects. (4) Meeting agendas: Meeting correspondence for St. Johns Family Services; SEDNET Advisory Board for District 4; and committees for Duval, Baker, and Nassau counties.
BOX 6 : District 4 - District 5
Scope/Content: id439

   BOX 6    BOX 6 

   BOX 6    BOX 6 Series 10 : District 4 (Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau, St. Johns)
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 5] (5) Reports -- part 1 of 2: Folder includes a Case Management Report for 1988-89 and Appendix B of document, mini-grant evaluations, annual report, and a District 4 alternate care plan. (6) Reports -- part 2 of 2: A draft copy of the district's project management plan from April 1985, a "Proposal for Conducting a Pilot Definition Assessment" for SED students from May 1986, paper "A Comprehensive Description of the Academic and Behavioral Performance of Elementary Emotionally Handicapped Students in Duval County, Florida" by Lee Clark, and a report by the district's diagnostic and evaluation team. (7) QDT Reports: Blank QDT interview forms and respondent information form for District 4, draft of the Preliminary Report for July 1990, Final Report for District 4 from September 1990, QDT schedule, and Project Review Survey Results for the district in July 1991.
   BOX 6    BOX 6 Series 11 : District 5 (Pasco, Pinellas)
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 3, continued in Box 7 and Box 8] (1) Research and History: Provides an overview of District 5 programs, definitions set by the district's definition committee, contracts from 1985, survey on private residential schools and data from Diana Wells, copies of newspaper articles, blank surveys, completed multiagency collaboration activity forms, case studies, QDT district performance review, collection of client data, and a pamphlet for The Florida Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health. (2) Correspondence: Dates range from August 1, 1984 to February 20, 1995 and include letters from District 5 project managers Lee Sherry and Debbie Folsom, consultant Mary Ellzey, replacement project manager Sandra Cassity, and project coordinator Khush Jagus with district committee members.
BOX 7 : District 5
Scope/Content: id440

   BOX 7    BOX 7 

   BOX 7    BOX 7 Series 12 : District 5 (Pasco, Pinellas)
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 3, continued from Box 6 and continued in Box 8] (3) Meeting agendas -- part 1 of 2: Contains District 5 FSPT client data results, task force committee list, and meeting correspondence for the district's SEDNET Advisory Board, Steering Committee, Mental Health / Substance Abuse Committee, and the Pasco County Multiagency Coordinating Council. Dates in this folder range from 1983-90. (4) Meeting agendas -- part 2 of 2: Meeting correspondence continued from the above-mentioned district committees for the years 1990-94, as well as a SEDNET conference calendar. (5) Funding: Documents include the district Executive Summary for 1988-89 and 1989-90, copies of forms for SEDNET special activity projects, funding renewal memos and paperwork, and project paperwork for Pinellas County. (6) Reports -- SEDNET: Dates range from October 4, 1983 to June 1989 and include a report to the state advisory board, end of the year status report for 1985 by Mary Ellzey, a report on using the ITEP documentation system, procedures for timeout and secured seclusion by Pasco County, the paper "Gaps in the HRS District V Continuum of Education" by SEDNET
BOX 8 : District 5 - District 6
Scope/Content: id441

   BOX 8    BOX 8 

   BOX 8    BOX 8 Series 13 : District 5 (Pasco, Pinellas)
Scope/Content: [Part 3 of 3, continued from Box 6 and Box 7] (7) Reports -- SEDNET programs: Includes a report on the individual therapeutic and education program for Pinellas County schools, summary of the project "Placement and Job Coach Services," the New SED Teacher Orientation Program, the Curriculum for Center Classroom Alternative Program, a summary on the Juvenile Agency Board, paper "The Effects of an Intensive Out-of-School Educational / Therapeutic Program" by Pinellas County teachers, and procedures for diagnostic placement in a psychiatric hospital and SED classroom program. (8) Reports -- Educational: Documents include the "Mental Health / Substance Abuse Survey from Major Hospitals and Provider Agencies" for the district in May 1989, a research report on center staff turnover, the "Handbook of Academic and Therapeutic Goals and Objectives," and "A Professional's Information and Referral Guide" for SED students and families.
   BOX 8    BOX 8 Series 14 : District 6 (Hillsborough, Manatee)
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 3, continued in Box 9 and Box 10] (1) Research and History: Folder contains an overview of non-residential services for District 6, district SEDNET goals, characteristics of an ideal mental health service delivery system for the district, an Advocacy and Networking Initiative, a blank survey, survey data and a QDT report for District 6, case studies, action plan with handwritten notes, annual reports, an application for Family Services Technical Assistance, approval letter for a community services grant, district conferences, and SEDNET goals and progress report. (2) Meeting agendas -- part 1 of 2: Meeting correspondence from September 1986 through June 1990 for the Department of Education Advisory Board, the Manatee Regional Planning Team and Hillsborough Planning Team, the District 6 Steering Committee, Children's Legislative Committee, and the Tri-County Regional Planning Team.
BOX 9 : District 6
Scope/Content: id442

   BOX 9    BOX 9 

   BOX 9    BOX 9 Series 15 : District 6 (Hillsborough, Manatee)
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 3, continued from Box 8 and continued in Box 10] (3) Meeting agendas -- part 2 of 2: Includes the correspondence for the above-mentioned committees between August 1990 and January 1995. (4) Reports: Contains the report "Wraparound Versus Pass Around: An Evaluation of Case Management in District VI (1984 -- 1986)," a draft copy of "A Follow-Up Study of Children Served by the SED-Network," the document "The Manatee Community Services Coordinating Council: A Community Response to the Need for the Provision of Services to Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances and Their Families," and SEDNET paper "An Analysis of Residential Care Hillsborough County." (5) Quality Development Team: Includes the SEDNET QDT Regional Project for 1990 with a preliminary draft, graph results and survey, QDT Executive Summary, schedule, site visit brief, blank interview format and respondent survey, SEDNET Regional Project Final Report from March 1991, and QDT report for 1989-90. Folder also includes data for the pre-site visit summary, governing body, and respondent questions. (6) Correspondence: Handwritten notes and letters ranging from April 1984 to October 1994 between Patricia Carlock, Kathleen Gorman, Ray Ciemniecki, Cathy Wooley, Kelly Rodriguez, Colleen Bevis, Pamela Marshall, Vickie Brown, Martha Peacock, Joanne Scatume, Terri Eggers, Linda Bryan, Lee Clark, Terry Nyberg, Walter Sickles, Janet Boykin, and Diane Gillespie. (7) Funding -- part 1 of 2: Dates range from 1986-87 and feature the contractual agreements between SEDNET and various school boards and educational centers.
BOX 10 : District 6 -- District 7A
Scope/Content: id443

   BOX 10    BOX 10 

   BOX 10    BOX 10 Series 16 : District 6 (Hillsborough, Manatee)
Scope/Content: [Part 3 of 3, continued from Box 8 and Box 9] (8) Funding -- part 2 of 2: Documents include funding renewal submissions, Manatee county annual report for 1990, proposal budget for District 6 1990-91, and a memo on project budgets to Devon Hardy and Bettye Weir.
   BOX 10    BOX 10 Series 17 : District 7A (Orange, Osceola, Seminole)
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 11] (1) Research and History: Folder contains the district SEDNET interagency agreement, OCPS parent survey results, summary of accomplishments for 1989-90, executive summary, regional project work scope for 1989-92, SEDNET activity grid, district 1992 annual report, District 7A Project Overview, case studies, contact lists, school-based mental health services, the district SEDNET action plan, a SED referral handbook, and a directory of public and private programs in the district. (2) Quality Development Team: Report "QDT Pre-Site Brief: Regional Project Packet," which includes a district overview, executive summary, and graph results. (3) Correspondence: Contains Terri Egger's correspondence on District 7A between Norma Verner, Eva Lewis, Irma Webb, Lee Cook, and Susan Walker from February 1996 to June 1993. (4) Reports -- part 1 of 2: Includes the paper "It's A Crisis: Resources for Children and Youth with Acute Mental Health Needs," editions 1 and 2 of "Crème de la Crème: A Collection of Best Ideas for Teaching Social Adjustment Skills," and the report "Home Based Parent Education: The Family Specialist Model" for the district. (5) Reports -- part 2 of 2: Two contract review forms for the Orange County Citizen's Commission for the Children from May 21, 1990 -- August 31, 1990 on the Summer SED Program. Also included in the folder is a packet of team materials for the Orange County Family Services Planning Team, from February 1, 1990 to February 1, 1991.
BOX 11 : District 7A -- District 7B
Scope/Content: id444

   BOX 11    BOX 11 

   BOX 11    BOX 11 Series 18 : District 7A (Orange, Osceola, Seminole)
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 10] (6) Meeting agendas: Meeting correspondence ranges from May 1989 to May 1995 and includes committees for Orange County Public Schools, the district Family Services Planning Team, Governing Board meetings, Orange County Planning Team, the Central Assessment Unit Committee structure table, and a calendar for OCPS. (7) Funding -- part 1 of 2: The folder includes a SEDNET action plan worksheet, status reports starting from 1985, funding renewal submissions, amendment forms, a personnel budget schedule, line item reimbursement contract, annual reports, and regional grant applications. It also includes memos about funding between Betty Castor, J. Richard Chapman, Norma Verner, Terri Eggers, and Trudy Zarek from 1989 to 1992. (8) Funding -- part 2 of 2: Dates range from 1992 to 1995 for this folder's project budget documents, contact lists, project applications, and packet "Learn and Serve America" on the grant application process for 1994-95. It also contains two memos from Terri Eggers and Betty Castor.
   BOX 11    BOX 11 Series 19 : District 7B (Brevard)
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 12] (1) Research and History: Provides an overview of SEDNET District 7B, contact lists, structure of multiagency councils, proposed resources and an initial information sheet, First Start Program overview, Brevard prekindergarten program and services for birth-5 years, state definition of developmental delay, copy of a news article, and a 1993 form for respite care. Also includes a Brevard impact report, SEDNET pamphlet, Brevard TA Plan 1995, district status report for 1994, and the SEDNET action planning process for 1994-95. (2) Correspondence: Letters related to District 7B and grant management between Ronald Bobay, Helen Crawford, Lonnie Stafford, Terri Eggers, Eva Lewis, Eleanor Weinstock, Bettye Weir, Lee Clark, and the School Board of Brevard County personnel. Dates range from April 14, 1988 through 1993. (3) Meeting agendas -- part 1 of 2: Meeting correspondence between August 1, 1989 and October 29, 1992 between the SEDNET Executive Committee, Administrative Planning Committee, Children's Services Subcommittee, Florida's Young People's Congress Steering Committee for the ADMHPC, Project Manager's Workgroup, and QDT survey results for 90-91.
BOX 12 : District 7B -- District 8
Scope/Content: id445

   BOX 12    BOX 12 

   BOX 12    BOX 12 Series 20 : District 7B (Brevard)
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 11] (4) Meeting agendas -- part 2 of 2: Continued correspondence from November 19, 1992 to June 13, 1995 for the abovementioned groups, the Shared Service Network, and QDT management for the district. (5) Funding: Documents include project grant applications, renewal submissions for 1989, annual reports from 1988-91, Department of Education grant award for 1989-90, allocation of funds for full-service schools 1992-93, a budget amendment, and an application for projects for 1994-95. It also includes correspondence on funding between Betty Castor, Ray Berry, DeVon Hardy, Walter McCarrol, Abe Collinsworth, and Ron Bobay. (6) Reports: Folder contains reports on SEDNET projects in district schools, the paper "An Evaluation of Psychological Evaluations Submitted to HRS SED Program," the paper "Effects of Tutoring and Adult Friendship on Academic Performance and Social Behavior," two reports for Early Family Intervention; one is a Special Activity report from July 1, 1989 to June 30, 1990, and the other is an Outreach Resource Manual. It also contains a contractual agreement for the school board of Brevard County and a Needs Assessment Report for June 1989.
   BOX 12    BOX 12 Series 21 : District 8 (Charlotte, Collier, DeSoto, Glades, Henry, Lee, Sarasota)
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 13] (1) Research and History: Includes information on the FDLRS suncoast, Project Link, and a pamphlet on Big Brothers Big Sisters. It also has a management assessment report, district overview, project impact report for 1990, parent coordinator contact list, executive summary, performance management review, 1993 legislative platform, recommendations for 1994, a status report, and FSPT survey results. (2) Correspondence: Dates range from November 1989 through January 1995 and include HRS, Sunshine Kids, and SEDNET correspondence between Len Laakso, Robert Connors, James Beck, Clare Beaumont, John Gaynor, Shelia Williams, Lee Clark, Betty Castor, and Edward Upthegrove.
BOX 13 : District 8 - District 9
Scope/Content: id446

   BOX 13    BOX 13 

   BOX 13    BOX 13 Series 22 : District 8 (Charlotte, Collier, DeSoto, Glades, Henry, Lee, Sarasota)
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 12] (3) Meeting agendas: Folder contains the meeting correspondence for district SEDNET board meetings, the North Planning Regional Council, Multiagency Board of SEDNET, Sarasota-DeSoto committee, the South Regional Planning Council, and paperwork for the Building Partnerships conference. (4) Funding: Funding documents from 1988-95, including a Lee County project annual report, notes on funds from Len Laakso, Lee County continuation application, application memo for materials, annual report for 1989-90, Sarasota County applications, approval letters from Betty Castor, conference expense list, and an HRS contract. (5) Reports: Features the ITEP Procedural Guide from October 1987, FSPT Procedures for Lee County, two county project proposals, the District 8 project impact report dated July 1991, Project Implementation Guide for 1991-92, and "Favorite Teaching Ideas of District 8." (6) QDT Reports: Contains a draft of recommended essential project standards, blank interview forms for District 8, QDT district contact list, schedule, and survey responses and data.
   BOX 13    BOX 13 Series 23 : District 9 (Palm Beach)
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 14] (1) Research and History: Includes a Child Welfare Litigation handout, overview of regional projects, a completed survey on the private residential schools in the district, contact lists, project work scope for 1989-92, fact sheet for 1991-92, additions and deletions to services, memo on technical services, fall 1992 and spring 1994 training calendars for Children's Services Council, summer program development, and a QDT review for 1992-93.
BOX 14 : District 9
Scope/Content: id447

   BOX 14    BOX 14 

   BOX 14    BOX 14 Series 24 : District 9
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 13] (2) Meeting agendas: Folder contains correspondence for the South Area Regional Planning Team, North Area Regional Planning Team, the SEDNET executive committee, and memos for conferences and workshops. (3) Correspondence: Dates are between March 1983 and March 1995 and include the correspondence of Betty Castor, Thomas Mills, Lee Clark, Kathy Lazear, Joseph Amato, Alexandra Pietrewicz, Marjorie Spence, Gaetana Ebbole, Cathleen Blair, Joyce Holmes, Sherle Stevenson, Cecelia Crawford, Sue Walters, Thomas Cheap, and Terri Eggers. It also includes memos from HRS and the Okeechobee school board. (4) Funding: Documents include early district project submissions, renewal submissions, proposal form for the Community Foundation, approval letters from Betty Castor, a funding summary for 1991-92, an HRS contract, document "Building Futures for Florida's Children" from 1992, technical assistance program approval, CASSP grant and spending plan for 1993-94, grant application for 1995, and a Volunteer Services committee funding request form. (5) Project Implementation Guide: Letter from Debra Neeson to Terri Eggers with attached Project Implementation Guide for SEDNET District 9 on January 11, 1993. Folder also contains blank project implementation guide papers. (6) Reports: Includes the report "Origins and Summary of Administrative Structure: District IX" from February 15, 1985, report on the children's client management system, an overview on a therapeutic job training program for students in Palm Beach County, report on the CRC clients in the district from January 22, 1987, and two reports on the district's case management for 1986-87 and 1987-88.
BOX 15 : District 10 - District 11
Scope/Content: id448

   BOX 15    BOX 15 

   BOX 15    BOX 15 Series 25 : District 10 (Broward)
Scope/Content: (1) Research and History: Contains a completed survey on private residential schools from January 14, 1985, a referral procedure packet, the district's therapeutic individual educational plan, the list "A Helping H.A.N.D. (Handbook of Acronyms Needing Descriptions)" for Broward County, case studies, informant list, a job description for case manager, QDT schedule and interview procedure, blank HRS case review committee form and FSPT application, SEDNET bulletin on Broward County, executive summary of the district, and a status report for 1994. (2) Reports: Reports include the paper "A Comparative Analysis of Varying Definitions of the Severely Emotionally Disturbed Student" from August 1986, "A Directory of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in Broward County 1988-89," "Multi-Agency Mental Health Services Continuum," regional project impact reviews, "Minding Hurt Minds" case profiles on children in District 10, a district QDT performance review, Recommended Essential Project Standards, district QDT final report from September 1990 prepared by FMHI, and the SEDNET project review survey for the district from July 1991. (3) Correspondence: Includes correspondence between DeVon Hardy, Lee Clark, Dee Richter, Senator William Turner, Beth Ennis, Luanne Panacek-Howell, Kathy Lazear, Deborah Winters, and Terri Eggers between June 13, 1984 and May 31, 1995 on SEDNET information for the district. (4) Meeting agendas: Contains meeting correspondence between April 11, 1986 and October 7, 1994 for the SEDNET Advisory Board, district project managers, and the district's Family Services Planning Team. (5) Funding: Folder ranges from April 1986 through September 22, 1994 and contains a memo from Betty Castor on funding as well as district renewal submissions, project applications, and information on the infrastructure value.
   BOX 15    BOX 15 Series 26 : District 11 (Dade, Monroe)
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 16] (1) Overview: Contains a report on referrals for case management services from October 1, 1983 through November 12, 1986, a completed survey on private residential schools, a draft workscope for the district from 1986, a drafted letter to Lee Clark by the district's project manager, and the 1987-92 annual report for the district with an attached summary of training.
BOX 16 : District 11 - District 13
Scope/Content: id449

   BOX 16    BOX 16 

   BOX 16    BOX 16 Series 27 : District 11 (Dade, Monroe)
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 15] (2) Funding: Dates range from 1984 to 1987 and feature project expenditure forms and contractual agreements between SEDNET and the school district.
   BOX 16    BOX 16 Series 28 : District 12 (Flagler, Volusia)
Scope/Content: (1) Research and History: Folder includes a district resource directory, a training manual from 1989 for case management with SED youth, handwritten notes, a technical assistance report, topics for follow-up, an impact report on SEDNET 1985-91, 1991-92 annual report, performance management review, Healthy Kids program overview, executive summary, and a District 12 action plan. (2) Correspondence: Ranging from May 1983 to March 1994, this folder has Exceptional Student Education correspondence between Robert Connors, Clare Beaumont, Terri Eggers, Lois Moltane, Stephen Hill, Janet Valentine, and Bettye Weir. (3) Meeting agendas: Contains the correspondence for the SEDNET Advisory Board, ADMH Planning Council, Family Services Planning Team, and the Florida Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health. (4) Funding: Funding documents include project expenditure forms from 1986, project amendment forms, renewal submissions, a special projects application for 1990-93, QDT regional project report dated July 1991, an application summary, and memos on funds from Betty Castor and Linda Merrell. (5) QDT Reports: Folder includes QDT forms on the pre-site visit, site visit brief and agenda for March 5-7, 1990, district QDT background information, preliminary report from May 1990, copy of preliminary report draft with attached memo to managers, final report from August 1990, and a QDT data overview. (6) QDT Interviews: Contains six completed QDT site visit interview forms from March 6-7, 1990.
   BOX 16    BOX 16 Series 29 : District 13 (Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, Sumter)
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 17] (1) Research and History: Folder contains blank FSPT awareness surveys, report "A Study of the Children Referred to the District IIIB Pre-Service Assessment Team," school board contractual agreement, FSPT By-Laws, Hernando County project abstract for 1992-93, QDT district follow-up report, a performance management assessment, and an agreement between the school board and parent liaison. (2) Correspondence: Includes a letter between Pat Gardner and Paula Barnard on March 23, 1983; letters exchanged between Lonnie Stanford and Carol Anne Redditt from May 23 -- June 19, 1989; letters to Terri Eggers from James Knight, unknown, and Judy Everett; and a letter to Lee Clark from Pat Nuzzi on March 2, 1993.
BOX 17 : District 13 -- District 15, Case Studies, CASSP
Scope/Content: id450

   BOX 17    BOX 17 

   BOX 17    BOX 17 Series 30 : District 13 (Citrus, Hernando, Lake, Marion, Sumter)
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 16] (3) Funding: Contains a project continuation application, Lake County annual report, renewal submission, and approval letters from Betty Castor. (4) Meeting agendas: Dates range from August 6, 1990 to June 22, 1995 for the FSPT meeting correspondence of Lake, Marion, Citrus, Hernando, and Sumter counties. The folder also includes meetings for the district SEDNET Advisory Council.
   BOX 17    BOX 17 Series 31 : District 14 (Hardee, Highlands, Polk)
Scope/Content: (1) Overview: Contains the meeting correspondence for the district's SEDNET Steering Committee and Advisory Board.
   BOX 17    BOX 17 Series 32 : District 15 (Indian River, Okeechobee, Martin, St. Lucie)
Scope/Content: (1) Overview: Folder contains the report "Multiagency Network for Students with Severe Emotional Disturbance" with handwritten notes, project applications from 1986, handwritten notes attached to a funding glossary, St. Lucie funding paperwork for 1994-95.
   BOX 17    BOX 17 Series 33 : Case Studies
Scope/Content: This folder contains two sample psychosocial assessment forms for SED students and various case studies of the classroom behavior management systems within Florida schools.
   BOX 17    BOX 17 Series 34 : CASSP
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 18] (1) Overview: Includes a letter to Landis Steeler on the CASSP program from December 31, 1994, an overview for the 1985 fiscal year, the SEDNET/CASSP project staff contact list, a position description, CASSP Technical Assistance Newsletter, handwritten notes attached to a strategy implementation report, the Florida CASSP Plan for September 1, 1992 through August 31, 1993, and key informant survey results from June 1994. It also has CASSP correspondence for Charles Carbone and DeVon Hardy.
BOX 18 : CASSP, Newsletters, Quality Development Team
Scope/Content: id486

   BOX 18    BOX 18 

   BOX 18    BOX 18 Series 35 : CASSP
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 17] (2) Reports: Contains the report "Child Case Management for Severely Disturbed Children and Adolescents" as presented to a CASSP workshop, a list of state supplement guides for CASSP, the paper "Statewide Local System Strategy Implementation: A Proposal to NIMH" from July 1992, research article "Federal Efforts to Improve Mental Health Services for Children: Breaking a Cycle of Failure" by Judith Meyers, report "CASSP Project Summary Updates" from October 1989, a paper conducted by Beth Stroul on the CASSP Technical Assistance Center at Georgetown University, and two monographs by the CASSP center at Georgetown University.
   BOX 18    BOX 18 Series 36 : Newsletters
Scope/Content: (1) Part 1 of 2: The dates in this folder range from May 1977 through November 1994 and include the newsletter for Iowa Department of Public Instruction, CASE Newsletter, the bulletin for NASDSE, Feingold Association newsletters, and SED Network newsletters. (2) Part 2 of 2: Dates range from December 1994 through winter 2005. Folder includes newsletters for the Hillsborough County Public Schools FDLRS, FDLRS Parent Services and Family Services, the Crown Chronicle, and The Parent Connection.
   BOX 18    BOX 18 Series 37 : Quality Development Team
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 19] (1) Site Visits: Provides a QDT executive summary from May 24, 1990 listing visits and dates, blank SEDNET Self-Study form, Interview Briefing document, blank face-to-face interview forms, satisfaction questionnaire, pre-site visit questionnaire, feedback on site visit performance, self-study form revisions, QDT log, site visit production checklist, and report agendas. (2) Assorted Materials -- part 1 of 2: The folder contains an overview of QDT, definitions for QDT and SEDNET, blank Recommended Essential Project Standards forms, overview of the Governing Body, a conference agenda, QDT quarter 1 report, annual report revision workgroup, QDT quarter 2 activities, QDT correspondence, and QDT grant paperwork.
BOX 19 : Quality Development Team, Blank Forms, SEDNET Reports
Scope/Content: id487

   BOX 19    BOX 19 

   BOX 19    BOX 19 Series 38 : Quality Development Team
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 18] (3) Assorted Materials -- part 2 of 2: Includes a QDT executive summary from May 1990, a memo from Jerry Torano, Recommended Essential Project Standards, workgroups, QDT membership, QDT Process overview, packet with QDT Advisory Board structure and project overview, Recommended Essential Project Standards for Network Project Management, Monitoring Questionnaire for Regional Projects, and an agenda for a QDT meeting.
   BOX 19    BOX 19 Series 39 : Blank Forms
Scope/Content: The folder contains blank SEDNET forms such as regional project grants, family interview forms, sample contracts, FSPT treatment plans, surveys, and a revised behavior problem checklist by Herbert Quay.
   BOX 19    BOX 19 Series 40 : SEDNET Reports
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 20] (1) Part 1 of 3: Includes an analysis of the NIMH Most in Need program by Beth Stroul on September 22, 1983, an interim report on state training schools from 1984, a task force recommendations on the involvement of HRS at the closure of an adolescent unit from March 24, 1987, and a report on Computerland's involvement with organizing SEDNET data and definitions from June 13, 1989. (2) Part 2 of 3: Folder contains the "SED Network Conference Monograph for Multiagency Collaboration" from May 20-22, 1987, the National Governors' Association paper ‘Bridging the gap between what we know and what we do,' and the multiagency document volume 1 "Best Practices in Creative Service Delivery" from 1989.
BOX 20 : SEDNET Reports, SEDNET Documents, HRS
Scope/Content: id488

   BOX 20    BOX 20 

   BOX 20    BOX 20 Series 41 : SEDNET Reports
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 19] (3) Part 3 of 3: Contains the multiagency documents volumes 2 -- 4 from 1990 to 1992 and the document 1993-94 Multiagency Network with sections on SEDNET.
   BOX 20    BOX 20 Series 42 : SEDNET Documents
Scope/Content: (1) Part 1 of 2: The folder includes a request for proposals from Lee Clark, guidelines for conflict resolution for local level coordination, a guide to systems of care, inservice training for psychological assessment, and a paper on behavioral change principles. (2) Part 2 of 2: Contains the SEDNET checklist for assessing client needs, paper on a holistic approach to teaching children, proposal for vocational and academic programming, inservice training document on assessment, dropout prevention plan, a technical assistance paper, and a draft copy of SEDNET's topical file listing.
   BOX 20    BOX 20 Series 43 : HRS
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 21] (1) Assorted: Includes an HRS pamphlet, informal inter-agency agreements for school districts, data on districts and their involvement in projects, handwritten notes, contact list of HRS administrators, budgetary data on CYF continuum of care services for 1983-84, blank survey from 1984, funding information sent to Dave Fairbanks on April 1, 1987, federal assistance application for COMPASS training program, and expenditures by issue and appropriation categories for the 1990-91 fiscal year. (2) Reports -- part 1 of 3: Dates range from June 30, 1980 to November 1982 for the reports "An Assessment of the Post-Discharge Service Needs of Residents of Florida's Institutions for Youthful Offenders, the Mentally Ill and Developmentally Disabled," a review of the issues of programs for emotionally disturbed children and adolescents, and "Major Accomplishments in Children's Mental Health Services since 1980."
BOX 21 : HRS, Conference Materials
Scope/Content: id489

   BOX 21    BOX 21 

   BOX 21    BOX 21 Series 44 : HRS
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 20] (3) Reports -- part 2 of 3: Documents range from November 1, 1982 to July 13, 1990 and include the paper "Deinstitutionalization of Florida's Children and Adolescents 1983-87," a decision memorandum by Don Darling and Susan Yelton, an appendix of geographic location and organizational charts of project, policy documents, "Comprehensive Services Plan: For Children in Need of ADMH Services," and a report on the HRS children's residential treatment system. (4) Reports -- part 3 of 3: Contains the creed and mission statement of HRS, the coordination between HRS and school districts, an agency overview and structure report, a draft copy of "Action Plan for Closure of NEFSH and SFSH Children's and Adolescent Units," a five year plan for the hearing impaired, and report on the training program COMPASS. (5) Correspondence: This folder includes assorted HRS correspondence from May 12, 1980 through December 27, 1988, exchanged between Betty Castor, Wendy Culler, Larry Overton, Paula Bernard, Jay Adams, Donald Hevey, Jim Brown, Debra Ervin, Ivor Groves, Ray Heckerman, Ricky Biggins, Lee Clark, Ann Noll, Jill Sandler, and DeVon Hardy.
   BOX 21    BOX 21 Series 45 : Conference Materials
Scope/Content: (1) SEDNET: Provides a report on conference procedures from April 1986, conference planning location worksheets, the master copy of the SEDNET conference monograph for May 20-22, 1987, and handwritten notes and data on conference proceedings. (2) Assorted: Dates range from December 1987 to October 1990 and include the proceedings of the Florida Conference on Dropout Prevention, several presentation reports from the 5th National Adolescent Conference, and a report from the workshop "The Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Child: Legal Guidelines for Determining Eligibility, Placement, Related Services, and Discipline."
BOX 22 : Florida Department of Education
Scope/Content: id490

   BOX 22    BOX 22 

   BOX 22    BOX 22 Series 46 : Florida Department of Education
Scope/Content: [Part 1 of 2, continued in Box 23] (1) Correspondence -- part 1 of 2: Dates range from March 28, 1977 to September 6, 1984 for letters related to the DOE between Eleanor Bates, Judith Brechner, Jill Sandler, Wendy Cullar, Carey Ferrell, Susan Yelton, Gloria Harbin, Abe Lavine, Diana Wells, Elinor Elfner, Don Darling, Lynn Groves, Douglas Crawford, Lee Kotick, and Ivor Groves. (2) Correspondence -- part 2 of 2: This folder has DOE letters from February 5, 1985 to September 30, 1996 between the aforementioned individuals as well as Carol Vernon, Dede Wells, Carol Anne Redditt, Tuck Tinesly, Lee Clark, Madeleine Will, Barbara Von Harten, Donald Van Fleet, and Betty Caster. (3) Meeting agendas: Contains the packet "SED Network Minutes 11/82 -- 1/84: Formative Years" for DOE committees as well as meeting correspondence through 1990 for the SEDNET state advisory board, committee for the "RAISE and Reform" evaluation survey, and the task force on homeless education. (4) Cooperative agreements: Provides several statute guidelines and cooperative agreements between 1969 and 1987, including the Florida Interlocal Cooperation Act of 1969, report "Guidelines for Developing Local Cooperative Agreements," sample agency agreements, coordinators conference paper from March 1980, the agreement between HRS and DOE, reports of contracts from non-public schools, Public Law 99-457 on handicapped infants and toddlers, and a cooperative agreement review for reference in establishing the juvenile justice reform project. (5) Funding: The folder includes a report on cost reporting from the Administrator's Management Conference on March 16-18, 1982, a fund proposal from Wendy Cullar, project application forms with instructions from 1982, listing of district staff salaries by position, a program cost report for 1982-83, report on program cost factors, school district reimbursement forms and information, and project amendments. (6) Data -- part 1 of 2: Contains handwritten data on enrolled students by county from December 26, 1978, data on SED students separated by county and type of school for 1980-81 and 1981-82, statistical report "Trends in Public and Private School Enrollments for the Ten-Year Period 1972-82," data on pre-kindergarten SED students, a report on exceptional students enrolled in public schools, and a table on teachers of exceptional students teaching out of field from 1983-86.
BOX 23 : Florida Department of Education
Scope/Content: id491

   BOX 23    BOX 23 

   BOX 23    BOX 23 Series 47 : Florida Department of Education
Scope/Content: [Part 2 of 2, continued from Box 22] (7) Data -- part 2 of 2: The folder contains published DOE Statistical Reports from 1979 through 1986, separated by fiscal year. (8) Technical Assistance papers: Papers included in this folder are "Expulsion and Handicapped Students" from September 1981, "Developing Interagency Agreements for SED Students" from August 1982, "Serving Students in Psychiatric Hospitals -- Funding and Program Options" from September 1986, "School District Reporting to HRS and Other Appropriate State Agencies" from May 1987, "Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team Written Report" from December 1988, "Implementing the Transition Services Requirement of the Revised IEP Rule" from July 1993, and a Technical Assistance Report from May 1988. (9) Reports -- part 1 of 2: Contains a report on due process hearings in Florida, a concept paper on family case management, document "Master Inservice Program Components," paper "Special Ideas for Educating Handicapped Children & Youth," report "Contractual Arrangements with Non-Public Schools for Exceptional Students" from 1978, the "Report of the Study to Determine the Need for Educational Centers for Emotionally Disturbed Students" from February 1981, and volume IV-E of a resource manual for developing and evaluating special programs from June 1983. (10) Reports -- part 2 of 2: Dates range from 1984 to 1995 and include a discussion paper on private residential school placements for SED students, a draft plan for developing a program to serve prekindergarten students, paper sent to Lee Clark from the Florida Conference on Children and Youth Mental Health Services, report "Parent Services to Support Florida's Exceptional Students" from April 1986, a paper from the Eckerd Youth Development Center to the DOE, "A Rationale for Interagency Collaboration" from 1989, and a draft copy of "Guidelines for Providing Educational Services to Homeless Children and Youth."
BOX 24 : Non-Florida Reports, Research Materials
Scope/Content: id492

   BOX 24    BOX 24 

   BOX 24    BOX 24 Series 48 : Non-Florida Reports
Scope/Content: (1) Government: The folder contains an excerpt from Michigan's mental health code, workshop handouts from the Texas Learning Resource Center, correspondence to Diana Wells from North Carolina's Department of Mental Health, reports from Indiana's division of special education, the paper "A Description of Five State Programs to Improve Service Delivery Systems for Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children and Adolescents" from August 30, 1983, a report on troubled children from the Georgia Department of Human Resources, and a listing of state mental health representatives for Virginia from March 1988. (2) Education: Dates range from 1977 to 1985 and include a parent handbook for the Re-Ed School of Kentucky, the paper "Educational Diagnostic Manual for the Seriously Emotionally Disturbed Student," a report on supplemental funding resources for school districts from Illinois, and a report on interagency cooperation and its related issues from Indiana University.
   BOX 24    BOX 24 Series 49 : Research Materials
Scope/Content: Material includes the papers "Evolutionary Changes in a Local System of Care for Severely Emotionally Disturbed Children and Adolescents," "Mentoring Children with Behavioral Disorders," position paper for the Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, "A Framework for Building a Comprehensive System of Community Based Preventive and Therapeutic Services for Children and Their Families," "Respite Care for Children Who Are Medically Fragile," HRS documents, mental health research from Illinois and Ohio, paper "Differentiating Between Emotionally Disturbed and Socially Maladjusted Students," NGA paper "Bridging the Gap Between What We Know and What We Do," and a newsletter from the Research and Training Center for Children's Mental Health.
BOX 25 : Assorted Materials, Reports
Scope/Content: id493

   BOX 25    BOX 25 

   BOX 25    BOX 25 Series 50 : Assorted Materials
Scope/Content: Documents include a copy of an article from the Tampa Tribune on Colleen Bevis, blank parent questionnaire surveys and a blank order form, FDLRS overview, blank FSPT checklists and forms, a contact list of CASSP project directors for a meeting on October 21-23, 1986, case studies, completed annual review sheets by county, Advisory Board organizational structure, SEDNET bulletin vol. 2 no. 3, workshop agenda, Summer Institute Evaluation 9/90, SEDNET grant review, technical assistance resource bank, and a blank 22-page packet from SEDNET for an administrator to complete on educational practices.
   BOX 25    BOX 25 Series 51 : Reports
Scope/Content: (1) Assorted -- part 1 of 2: Contains the 1981 "Report of the Study to Determine the Need for Educational Centers for Emotionally Disturbed Students," SEDNET Regional Project Workscope for 1989-92, Summary of 1988-89 Annual Reports of Project Accomplishments, "Working Smarter in a Shared Service Network," summary report "SEDNET Identifies Respite Care in Florida," draft of the Summary of the 1989-90 Annual Reports of Regional Project Accomplishments, Advisory Board rules, and document "Family Services Planning Team: An Initial Survey." (2) Assorted -- part 2 of 2: Includes the final report from September 1992 of the Florida Child and Adolescent Service System Program, the Multiagency Service Network for Severely Emotionally Disturbed Students "Network Accomplishments 1993-94, and the First Annual Report from the State Advisory Board on March 15, 1993. (3) Notes: Includes pages of handwritten notes and data on the 1989-90 SEDNET annual report and notes written on drafts of reports.

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