Cities, Heterotopias & Science Fiction (F19)

Draft 1 - Section 6

I’m not sure how long I was sleeping, but woke up by a sudden knock on my door. I open my eyes to find myself in a strange room, then remembering I had just finished my Life Test. I get up off the couch as Ms. Monique opens the door.

She smiles saying, “Congratulations, we have found the perfect role for you to play in the Nation for the next part of your life!”

I registered the words coming out of her mouth but didn’t know how to respond, so I just stood frozen. I have spent so much time dreaming of just hearing these words that I failed to imagine the actions I would take once I actually heard them.  

“Come on now. It’s time to get into your pod and head over to your new city.”

“Wait what city is it?” I ask excitedly. I’ve read of other cities but I have never had the chance to leave Quoise City. Then remembering another important detail I add, “What Team am I on?”

“Calm down, Arilyn. Everything will be explained to you soon enough. You will get a detailed video informing you of your results and placement. Let’s just head on down to the pods.”

“Understood, I’m ready for my next step,” I respond calmly while barely containing my excitement. 

I follow Ms. Monique back to the elevators once again and she presses the last button on the elevator, B5. When I walk out, I stop in my tracks. We are underwater and staring at the docking stations of multiple round pods connected to an enormous glass window. She keeps on walking, but looks back when she realizes I stopped to gaze. 

“Arilyn, your new life is waiting for you. Let’s get you loaded on your pod,” she remarks smiling. 

“Yes, of course, I apologize.”

“No need to apologize for it's completely understandable. I just don’t want you to regret delaying yourself.”

I realize her strange smile is back but I don’t let it bother me. My future is waiting and she will soon be behind me. I follow her over to one of the pods and let her grab my wrist to place on the pod docking station. It hums, glows blue, and the capsule entrance slides open. 

“Okay the destination will be set. After an hour your results will be relayed to you over the pod screens.”

I eagerly climb into the pod and let Ms. Monique close the door.


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