Cities, Heterotopias & Science Fiction (F19)

Draft 1 - Section 5

After breakfast I head to the Testing Center. I hop on the moving sidewalk and soon find myself in front of the doors. I enter the building about a half hour before ten. I walk up the front desk guided by a series of water features with beautiful green tropical plants with colored flower  in between each feature. 

“Hello my name is Arilyn from the Southern Sector, I’m here to take my Life Test as scheduled through my bracelet,” I say to the man at the desk. His pin is turquoise, indicating a high ranking position in the city. 

She smiles kindly at me and responds, “Hello Arilyn, can I have you place your wrist on the counter. I need to scan it and confirm your test.” 

I place my wrist on the counter in front of me and watch as she pulls out a small device from her desk. She holds it over my wrist and it glows, as it glows my information pops up on her screen. She takes a look at it and turns back to me. 

“Okay Arilyn, someone will come get you for Life Test in a few minutes. Until then take a seat to your left.”

I move to the left and take a seat where I’m told. The room is large and beautifully designed. White walls, floor, and ceiling with the curves and angles accentuated by the turquoise and black lines intertwining with one another in a computer circuit pattern. As I begin to run through information once again, I hear a door slide open on the wall to my left. I glance over as I hear a lady’s voice calling my name.

“Arilyn, please come with me. I will be evaluating you during your test. My name is Ms. Monique,” she states calmly. She is wearing glasses and has straight black hair and with deep blue eyes. I notice she has a three pointed, turquoise gemmed pin, indicating a leadership position.

I smile at her and reply, “Hello Ms. Monique, I look forward to your evaluation.” 

She smiles back at me as I stand up and approach the doorway. We walk through and down a maze of hallways with multiple doors of offices and meeting room. We approach the end of one of the hallways and stop in front of some elevator doors. She uses her bracelet to call an elevator to us and we step on. Once inside we go down a few floors to B3 and step back out. We enter a large gymnasium with multiple things across the room. 

I must have appeared a little bit confused as she looked at me and then remarked, “This is a part of the test that helps us find people naturally suited for more intense roles. We will begin at the pool. Before changing I need to place this headpiece on you. It helps with assigning the roles at the end of the test.”

Once she prepared the head piece, with pieces attached different location on my head, I  changed into the clothes provided to me for this portion of the test. After a series of fitness tests including, swimming, running, pull-ups, push-ups, and more,  I was given a thirty minute break before continuing the test. I’m now resting in a side room with snacks and water. 

“Arilyn, your thirty minutes are up, we are moving onto the written test now,” Ms. Monique stated as she entered the room. 

“I’m ready to go,” I say as I stand up. Maybe I’m imagining it but it doesn’t appear that she is making eye contact as much with me as before the first portion. I follow her out of the room and back onto the elevator. There we go down to the next floor and exit into a corridor. If follow her into a room on the right and find just a desk and a series of packets. 

She stopped in front of the desk, turned to me, and said, “We will be conducting the written test here. Please sit down and start the packet on top when I tell you to over the headpiece. I will also inform you when you have ten minutes left and when you must stop. This will repeat for each packet.”

She watched as I sat down, smiled at me and then left the room. I stared at the packets waiting for the signal and then finally heard it, Arilyn, you may begin the first packet. I opened the packet and found it to be history. Fantastic! This is one of my best subjects. 

Question 1: When was the Nation of Sea Cities formed and for what reason? I quickly write down the year 2138 and that it was to unite the remaining people decimated from the storms.

Question 2: When was Gethen appointed the leader of the NSC? Well these questions are starting out extremely easily. He was just appointed to the Capital three years ago, so 2203.

The rest of the questions continued to more difficult as the test covered a couple hundred years of history, spanning from current events to before the nation was created. I finished my test shortly after receiving the ten minute warning. I rechecked all of my answers, adjusting a few here and there and was finally stopped. 

“Arilyn, you can no longer work on the first packet. Open the second packet and begin.”

I follow her directions through the rest of the packets and eventually reach the end of the last packet, mathematics. I sit in silence sighing relief that it’s all over. After a few minutes Ms. Monique returns to the room. She has a smile plastered to her face. It disturbs me a bit as it doesn’t seem as natural as when I first arrived. 

Before I have more time to question it she speaks up, “We are now moving to a waiting room for you. While we have to check all the packets, you should take advantage of the time to sleep. Today has been a long day for you.”

After the mention of sleep I immediately realized she was right. I’m only running on adrenaline at this point. I had been stressed and excited all day. Add that onto the physical and mental strain I was just put through I’m surprised I’m still standing. I follow her to a room further down the hall. Once I sat down on the couch in the room, I felt myself drifting off into a nice sleep. 


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